Monday, December 7, 2009

Head/Wall, Not usually a good combo

Good day,
Some days I find easier to put my head through a wall, then think straight. I am pretty sure that this is the effects of have not staying single for an extended amount of time after my last couple of relationships. It has only been a month and a half, but sometimes feel like much longer than that. The whole struggle with finding everything in Christ is really a day to day thing. I miss things about being in relationships, but I know for now, that I need to be single. I need get right with God, and not want to put my head through a wall every second day. This gets hard, when habits of knowing that someone is always there kick in, but when that person is not there. Have I been hiding in relationships from who I really am. Am I still dealing with needing to feel loved? Some days it feels like it, others I know Jesus is with me. I know that my family loves me, I know there is love all around. Why do I feel like I need a girlfriend to feel loved? Well the train keeps moving, and lets see whats around the next bend.
Dan Van


  1. Remember we love you. Glad to see you that you are working through this and I know God will get you through it. Being 'single' is the thing for you right now and being devoted to God.

  2. Glad to see you sharing your heart. You are complete just as you are. In fact, you are awesome and have many things to give. Learn in this time, don't rush through this time....enjoy and look at the blessings around you.