Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jones and Grits

Good Evening,

So tonight I was suppose to meet up with a friend and start working on project for my Theology class. We have been given an opportunity to use our gifts more in this class. So we are working together on writing songs. The first one is on what it means to be human. I have a couple of ideas on where to go, but want to see what God has been laying on Karmyn's heart. The funny thing about all this is Karmyn is trying to get me to sing. I might try, but not sure about that one.

So instead of letting the evening going to waste, I caught up with a friend and talked about what was going on in life. It was a good night of story telling, and poking fun. So it has been a overly good day. I miss being home. Few things going on there that just make me want to be there. I know God is testing me. I love my family, but Millar is where I need to be. I get to go home in a few weeks, so until then I will rely on God to keep my loved ones safe.

So today, was a double whammy on the headache. I am lessening my caffeine intake and I already had one. So classes where a little harder than usual, but made it through. After I did my bike ride (on stationary) I felt a little better. Then this afternoon, I showed up at my mentor's place and he had coffee made. Declining a cup of coffee is just a disrespectful thing to do. So I had 2 cups of good coffee. So on day 2 of this little experiment, 3 cups of coffee and not horrible bad. I may start off my day tomorrow with my usual coffee, or try one more, with even less coffee. Maybe not, I think that is crazy talk.

God Bless,
Dan Van

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chills Down My Spine

I dont get these to often when I am listening to music. Today while I was in the library, I got one when I was listening to Backstabber by Disciple. I have listened to this song so many times, and knew the lyrics. This time, it just kind of hit home more. Even though it is now something I can feel like I can relate to, it did not ruin my day, like it would have before. Now, I know that God put me there for a reason.

"Today is the first day of the rest of my life
I feel the new come in
As I shed my skin
Today is the first day of the rest of my life
I stand on broken chains
That held this better slave"

This is so true. I like the last line, more of the word slave. I have been working through being a slave to God, his Word, the Gospel Message, sin, friends, girlfriends, family, time, thoughts, stereotypes and many other things. Chains to some, I will hold onto, like there is no tomorrow, others need to be melted down and made into something new, something useful. God has moved me to this point, through hurt and tears, smiles and laughter, confusion and deep thought, not know where I would end up. Well I am not at the end, but at least I'm moving in the right direction.

God Bless,
Dan Van

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Warmth of New Beginnings

Happy New Year (and decade),

I have been back at school now for a week and a half. God is already moving in my life. The one big area that he was worked on was my heart towards myself going into cross-cultural missions. WHAT?!?! I never thought I would be open to it. I always felt like God was calling me to Canada. Little did I know that God might change that. Well, I knew He might, but I didn't want it to happen. So, do I know if I will end up going to a people that are not my own? Let's see where this journey will take me.

God has been awesome, and granted me with some peace with an issue. It took a long time, but I now know, I need to be focused on God, before I can ask someone to step beside me in this journey called life. God has put me in a spot where I can grow, but also consider if God has placed someone in my life that would be a perfect running mate. Someone who will grow and encourage, love and help. God has made that person, I still don't know who. So I will still look for my missing rib (I know lame Bible college joke).

God Bless,
Dan Van

PS. Please pray for those in Haiti. Many have been hurt and lost anything. Pray for 2 students from Millar College of the Bible who are leaving tomorrow to go. They are going to do their intership, and it was planned a while ago. God has a plan for this all, they know this, and peace is in their heart. Please also pray for their families, that God would give them peace and know that they are fulfilling the call on their lives.