Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jones and Grits

Good Evening,

So tonight I was suppose to meet up with a friend and start working on project for my Theology class. We have been given an opportunity to use our gifts more in this class. So we are working together on writing songs. The first one is on what it means to be human. I have a couple of ideas on where to go, but want to see what God has been laying on Karmyn's heart. The funny thing about all this is Karmyn is trying to get me to sing. I might try, but not sure about that one.

So instead of letting the evening going to waste, I caught up with a friend and talked about what was going on in life. It was a good night of story telling, and poking fun. So it has been a overly good day. I miss being home. Few things going on there that just make me want to be there. I know God is testing me. I love my family, but Millar is where I need to be. I get to go home in a few weeks, so until then I will rely on God to keep my loved ones safe.

So today, was a double whammy on the headache. I am lessening my caffeine intake and I already had one. So classes where a little harder than usual, but made it through. After I did my bike ride (on stationary) I felt a little better. Then this afternoon, I showed up at my mentor's place and he had coffee made. Declining a cup of coffee is just a disrespectful thing to do. So I had 2 cups of good coffee. So on day 2 of this little experiment, 3 cups of coffee and not horrible bad. I may start off my day tomorrow with my usual coffee, or try one more, with even less coffee. Maybe not, I think that is crazy talk.

God Bless,
Dan Van

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