Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I was going through my post, and realized that I had forgot to update about the little girl that had cancer around her spine. That is right, HAD cancer. I said that barring a miracle it didnt look good. Well God performed a miracle and she is doing well. She is smiley again, and outgoing again. Praise to God.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So for awhile now, I have been thinking about being a 'Temple of God'. I have heard from a very young age, that we are the temple of God, and we need to treat our bodies that way. Is this the best way of taking this text, maybe? As a Christian, this is a temple and should be used to accomplished the goal that God has laid out for it to do, be and what ever else. I also think there is a deeper side to it.

In the Old Testament, the Temple is God's dwelling place among the Israelites. The Temple, was the representation to the nations around Judah. But the nation of Israel, did not keep God commands, and it did not go well with them. They were kicked out of the Land, and put into slavery. The Temple broken down many times, shamed by pagans, and found to be empty. This is how the Jews were living, using the temple to appease God, and worshiping pagan gods.

Many times, I have personally been told that tattoos, piercings, hair styles, and other appearances are not what 'good Christian boys' do. I think that when people say this, they are being to shallow on how they look at how Christians are suppose to live. Just like the Temple of the Old Testament, God wants to dwell in us. He does not judge us by what we look like. It is what is on the inside. We should not just be good looking on the outside, to make people see how good we are. The change that takes place with Christ coming into our lives makes an inward change, and is a heart issue. We can be the most upstanding person infront of the world, but on the inside be a messed up, ugly, unpleasing to God, and empty as the next person. Christ will change a person from the inside out. As a person comes to Christ through the Holy Spirit, He will come in as clean up, making His temple the way it should be. Beautiful, and full of His presence.

Just a thought. Where are you placing the emphasis of God's redemption on your life?