Monday, September 27, 2010

Just thought I would post a quick update. It is Monday morning, and this week should be interesting. Wednesday is comprehensives, and this weekend I am going to Regina to see Heidi. Life is good, but I need to finish up getting ready for class.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Once again, I am having some writers block

Hello Hello,

This past 2 and a half weeks have been very interesting. One, I am a third year. This is an experience that does not feel like I am ready for, nor worthy of. It has brought a huge chunk of humility to my life. I have spent time here for 2 years so far and am here to finish now. Two, the lectures that I have been blessed with this year so far. I have Minor Prophets, Prison Epistles, OT History (Ezra-Esther), Daniel Revelation, and Church History (Reformation-Present). All of these have me wanting to get back to the world and building the Kingdom. The call on the students here this year has been laid out, the profs are not holding anything back. I have seen one of my profs nearly in tears when talking about how some in the church will pour contempt on the youth, when the youth themselves are starting a revival in the church. Growing up, I always hear the youth are the future of the church. They are a valuable part now, the church needs to stop saying they can do good after 25, lets get the youth challenged, and let them bring in a fire that some have lost. Three, I have a freshman roommate that is older than me. He is cool though. Plays guitar, listens to good music, likes loud music, and into sports.

These are just a few things that are happening right now. I am sitting here, trying to right a paper. I find that hard, but can push this out like nothing. Well, I should get back to it. May God bless you all.

Dan Van