Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today is going awesome. Unlike the other day, when I wanted to put my head through a wall, today started off with a bang. Woke up and God was already at work. Then breakfast and getting ready for the day. Usually when I go to class, I am almost a wake, but today was like nothing before, no coffee or caffeine before hand, but I was awake and bouncing around. So with coffee in hand finished up classes. I am now done till after the break. Have an exam tomorrow, a weekend, then three more on Monday and Tuesday. Then hit the road to come home.
So yea, today is good. God has granted it to me, and I am LOVING IT!!!!! Still gagged when I went on Facebook and saw a status update. Whatever though, what is done is done. So yea chatted with an old friend yesterday and that was good.
But I need to go study, Blessings

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