Monday, February 22, 2010

Hoki Stink Its Been Awhile!

How goes it everyone? God has been blessing me lately. Just with peace and happiness, minus church history. I am not really a fan of studying history. The paper is not horrible, just not my favorite subject. Everything else is going well though. God is awesome. He is always with me. When times are good and bad, even when I think he is far away, he is near. Classes are going well, homework is going well. Tomorrow is a day of prayer and it should be good.

This weekend is Alumni basketball and should be a good weekend. Seeing friends, and watching basketball. Then the weekend after I am out in Weyburn, then I am home for a weekend to preach, then back out to Weyburn, then out to Frontier for a wedding. Man, March is busy, and in like 2 months school is done. But I am going to work on some more homework. Blessing on ya.

Dan Van

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