Sunday, November 22, 2009


Promises are meant to be kept. It hurts more to be lied to about it being broken though. I poured out everything I had. Fought with every fiber of my being. I have been left thinking, Am I trusting of those who have hurt me in the past?

God is with me. Giving me peace, my place to hide, fulfilling my deepest needs. It is still a daily struggle to walk with Him with all that I am, but fortunately He is uber forgiving. He has paid for my sins, and promised to never leave me. He is close, even when I am far. I feel Him with me every morning. The blessing of just feeling His presence is amazing. I thank Him for where He has put me.

What happens next in my life? Not sure, but do know that it will be fun.

Dan Van


  1. Daddy & I continue to pray peace for you my boy! loving you always!


  2. hope you are doing well and that this struggle brings you where God wants you!

  3. i love you.
    know that i am always praying for you, and a text message or phone call away if you need to talk.