Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sometimes I do not know why I asked that?

Welcome back everyone!!!

It has been a while since I have posted. I just read the last one and it was back at Millar. Now I have been home for three and a half months and only have 1 left til I go back to finish up this part of the program I am in. So, some might ask what has been going on in my life since my last post. Well many great things, and some very challenging things. All which was brought on by asking God to stretch me this summer. This is a prayer I have found out that He will grant with ease. It all started April 28, I had been home for a week and had work 5 days. At the end of the day my boss told me to sit in the back of the trailer. I had done it before, but still said I would walk around to my car. The boss insisted that I rode in the trailer. When he was pulling out onto the street the trailer hit the curb, nearly tossing me out. I came down on my wrist and felt a pain like I have never felt before. I have been through a lot with playing football and being a little brother, but this was something new. So my boss then made room and got me in the truck. He checked it out and I went home. I got home and Mom was called to take me to the hospital. This is where it set in for me and my mom. Worker's Comp, being the amazing people that they are, are going to pay me, but not what I need to have the funds to go to school. This has been something hard for me to deal with. I like being able to say I am good when it comes to money. God pointed this out to me. I had to trust that somehow school was going to be paid for. This is still something where I do not know where it is coming from. The other thing God really tested me on is actually mentoring someone. This has been something I tend to stay away from. I know I attend Bible college and such, but its scary to be the one that someone is looking to. I have had great mentors in the past, and God really confirmed that this is what I was suppose to do. It has been an amazing growing experience. Since the break, God has shown me that this was all in his plan. Nine weeks after the break I went back to work, and did not find it satisfying. Then 3 weeks after I had worked landscaping again, I got a call from a warehouse job where I worked right after high school, when I had gotten this phone call, it took me off guard. Was I suppose to take it, was it right, would I be happy. So I spent some time in prayer. I ended up taking the job. Two weeks later, I am loving it. It is a blessing, I work around people, I can talk, and blessed with a set time to work. The rest of my life is also going well. Heidi and I have become really close. She is awesome. We have talked about some much. The great thing is she has seen me at my best and my worst, and she is still around. Half of my family just got back from vacation. Mom and Dad went and did a road trip. They had a great time. Aryssa was in BC and got picked up. It is nice to have everyone here at home.

So what is planned for the next month. Spending time with the people I love, working, and getting ready. Nothing to big. I should post again this week.

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