Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a Month!!

So it has been nearly a month since I have updated you all. It has been a worldwind of stuff happening. During this time God has let someone else in my life been affected by cancer. This time it hits another family from Millar. This time it was their daughter. They were here for 2 and a half years, and decided to take some time off. A little bit after that, it was found out that their 20 month year old had a tumor on her spine and started to deal with specialists to see what would be the best course. As the looked more, they found the tumor on her spine had grown, filling her pelvic area and had moved into her lungs and one other area. The last update I got, which was last night, barring a miracle from God she doesnt have much time left. They cant even do chemo because of her kidneys not being able to filter it out. Do I believe that God can heal her, I do. Its just hard to see, I have met 3 people in the last 2 years who have been affected with cancer. 2 of them this year, and both rare cases. So please pray for the families.

Other than that life is going well. Finished up my exams today, did some packing and hung out with friends. In a few days I will be back home. It is still hard to believe that next year a get a degree from Millar, and then another year then I go full time into ministry. Time flies fast. Looking back over the last 7 years since I gave my life to the Lord, I have grown, been stretched, but most of all learned to rely on God for everything in life. He has given me things when I need them. I am blessed to be in a spot where I have so many fellow believers around me challenging me to grow.

Talking about gifts from God. I have been blessed, a month and a day ago to start a relationship with someone special. Even though we have not been able to spend much time together, I think we counted 5 days since we started going out that we have seen each other. But she has a heart for God. It has been nice to talk to her a lot. She even came out with Aryssa and Steph to visit me and Tyler here at Millar. This was special. I look forward to when I can see her more often, like in 3 days. Her name is Heidi.

So I am sitting here with most of my room packed up, minus a few stray things. I think to myself, how is it that every time I think I get things figured out God shakes things up. I start to get comfortable and God decides to test me with something. I am not saying its bad, I am enjoying the fact I never know what is coming next. Puts a little more of a twist in life. Plus it makes me put Jesus as the Lord of my life not just my savior. Him being my savior is good, but it needs to be more.

So this is the update of my life. Peace.
Dan Van

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