Thursday, October 22, 2009

It Is Well

First of all, Thank you God for giving these men a heart after you, and the musical talent to show it. Earlier this week when I was out in Swift Current for a blood donor clinic, I picked up the new Kutless CD. Wow, I don't I have found a better way to be distracted from homework. I would be working on something and then I would have my eyes closed and just be praise God. At the moment I am listening to a song called Redeemer. "There is a Redeemer, Jesus God's own Son, Precious Lamb of God, Messiah, Holy One" I know it is not their own lyrics, but wow. Once, I started signing, and just kept going till the CD was done. It is not the band that did this. God is amazing, He is like, hmm, well I can't really say. If I had a word perfect enough to describe God, my brain would explode. God created me, with the talents I have. I can have an impact for the Kingdom of God, even if I am not reaching millions at one time.

So the blood donor clinic. Found out that my rest BP is lower than most people. Em I really that relaxed. Then again, my active BP is higher, so does that mean I am stressed. Meh, I gave blood. Just under 5 minutes as well. Only had one person from our group that had a little mishap. She finished giving blood, and was holding the cotton ball and became light headed, it was a grand old time bugging her. It was a good time, was able to spend some time with my mentor. It was a blast.

So yea that was the exciting part of my week. Next week should be fun, teach on Monday, Preach on Thursday. This weekend is going to be full of prep work. Youth Edge is coming up soon, 2 weeks from now. Then a break for a week.

"I've been ashamed/I've been put down/Head in my hands/My life on the ground/Left heaven to save liars and thieves/Sinners like me/Your blood sets us free."

God Bless,

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