Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How often is it that I just sit by the water???

I asked myself this the other day. I was in downtown, looking over the river, then rang out the sound of a siren. An ambulance going to help someone. It got me thinking, how often do I just sit at the Father's feet and just be cleaned. That's all, not doing anything else.

It really got me thinking. How are others going to feel this cleansing, if no one goes to bring them to the water? This world is in a state of searching. Wanting to know what the ultimate goal is in life. Most come to money, fame, things, people, activities. That is what consumes their lives. When they don't achieve this goal, or for the few that attain it, what is there after having "everything"?

God wants to be part of life. He created us to glorify him, not to chase after the things of this world. It can't be done by just words. I need to go out and live for God. Show his love, take some water to those who are thirsty and dirty. Show God's everlasting love, the love that sent Jesus to die. No one deserves to go a life without Christ washing them.

So being ever renewed by God's love and forgiveness. I will go forward, showing a love that is not my own.



  1. Heh great to see you on blogger! Add me to your following and I will do the same for you. Great post to by the way and I will watch out for little one!